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Top conspiracy-thriller novelist Gordon Brown, author of the Craig McIntyre series, is off on tour with his latest book, Deepest Wounds. And already it is garnering rave reviews.

Gordon’s namesake, the former PM, might appreciate that there’s a little bit of politics (as Ben Elton used to say) in the Craig McIntyre novels. The underhand sort. In the US, too. Who’d have thought?

Gordon wrote the first three books when truth was truth and there were no alternative facts, just fact facts. That wasn’t long ago either – it’s amazing how quickly life can imitate art!

To mark Gordon’s blog tour, we’ll be letting you know about an offer shortly. (Watch this space.)

Meantime, we thought we’d whet your appetite with some previews.

We think you’ll be bowled over by Gordon’s writing. It packs a punch.

And that is not fake news.

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Darkest Thoughts preview

Furthest Reaches preview

Deepest Wounds preview