Highest Lives

Book 4 in the mind-bending Craig McIntyre thriller series.   Hunting can be more dangerous than being hunted. In cities across North America people are dying in seemingly impossible ways. Is history’s most outrageous serial killer on the loose? When LAPD Detective Sarah Tracy is secretly instructed to recruit Craig McIntyre to help her investigate…

Genre: Crime, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Series: Craig McIntyre conspiracy thrillers | Subjects: Craig McIntyre thriller series, Darkest Thoughts, Deepest Wounds, drugs, Furthest Reaches, Psychological, thriller, US

The Legend Of The Black Monk (Rebecca McOwan, teenage sleuth, book 2)

A hooded figure stood between the gravestones, facing her. Mist licked around his feet, the air suddenly bitingly cold. Slowly the figure raised an arm and pointed at her… Answering a friend’s plea to come to Cornwall to investigate the mysterious death of his grandfather, teenage sleuth Rebecca McOwan embarks on a perilous adventure among…

Genre: Adventure, Detective, Fiction, Librario, Mystery, Sleuth
Series: Rebecca McOwan |

North of Porter

Aliens. Abductions. Genuine designer bags. Teenager Porter Minter arrives in Castlecrankie in a car that has no door handles. In the boot is a suitcase. In the suitcase is a boy. In the boy is the future and the past. The Armpit of the Universe wasn’t Porter’s destination of choice, he’s been dragged there. And…

Genre: Coming of Age, Fiction, Murky, Mystery, SciFi, Strident, Weirdness, Young Adult
Series: The Castlecrankie Chronicles | Subjects: Acceptance, aliens, Diversity, JFK

Follow Me

TC Farries AwardWhat is the deadly allure of the Barn? 17-year-old Kat Sullivan has been devastated by the loss of her twin sister, Abby, the most recent of five teenagers to have died in the town of Eddison, all within a year. No-one seems able to explain the circumstances surrounding her death. As Kat struggles to move on, she is…

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Strident, Young Adult
Subjects: Andy Warhol, art, coming of age, cult, romance, Underground, Vulnerability


Windscape is an eco thriller that explores the passions on both sides of the wind farm debate. Young Jenny MacLeod’s father is about to lose the family farm because of mounting debts. The only way for her and her father to keep their beautiful Hushwish Bay island home is to sign up to a wind turbine…

Genre: Adventure, Coming of Age, Danger, Eco, Fiction, Mystery, Strident, Thriller
Subjects: Acceptance, Diversity, Eco, Journey, self-awareness

The Enchanted Riddle

Thirteen years ago baby Daphne was found outside London’s all-girl Orphanage of St Jude. Insecure and emotionally guarded she has grown up longing to fulfil two dreams: to discover her family; and to become a star ballerina. When she receives from an anonymous sender a book containing a tantalising riddle and a magical pair of…

Genre: Coming of Age, Fiction, Historical, Mystery, Strident
Subjects: Dance, London, Paris, theatre, triumph

The Curse of Can-Balam

The Danny Lansing Adventures, book 3 Adrenaline at your fingertips! A lost city, a legendary treasure and a brutal curse. All lie at the centre of a tangle of lies…and worse. There could be any number of explanations for the sudden disappearance of Angus’s archaeologist friend into the Central American rainforest. Crocodiles, jaguars…even Guatemalan drug smugglers. With…

Genre: Adventure, Coming of Age, Danger, Fiction, Mystery, Strident
Series: The Danny Lansing Adventures | Subjects: Belize, jungle, South America

Conjuring the Infinite

Catalyst Book Award winnerWINNER of the Catalyst Book Award 2014   Read: CONJURING THE INFINITE by Kirkland Ciccone chapter 1 or CONJURING THE INFINITE by Kirkland Ciccone chapter 1 And here’s an hilarious Teen Titles interview with Kirkland, alongside a review of Conjuring The Infinite.   Madness. Magick. Murder The Cottage is a care unit in the country for…

Genre: Fiction, Murky, Mystery, Quirky, Strident, Weirdness, Young Adult
Series: The Castlecrankie Chronicles | Subjects: crime, cult