The Legend Of The Black Monk (Rebecca McOwan, teenage sleuth, book 2)

A hooded figure stood between the gravestones, facing her. Mist licked around his feet, the air suddenly bitingly cold. Slowly the figure raised an arm and pointed at her… Answering a friend’s plea to come to Cornwall to investigate the mysterious death of his grandfather, teenage sleuth Rebecca McOwan embarks on a perilous adventure among…

Genre: Adventure, Detective, Fiction, Librario, Mystery, Sleuth
Series: Rebecca McOwan |

McBurnie’s Awakening

When DI Jimmy McBurnie is knocked back for promotion he is sure he is being ‘black balled’ for denying he witnessed his DCI assault an inexperienced senior officer. He can only take his mind off what he sees as injustice by becoming even more obsessed with his work. Utilising his stable of touts – the…

Genre: Crime, Detective, Fiction, Olida, Tartan noir
Series: DI Jimmy McBurnie novels | Subjects: Policing, Scotland