Highest Lives

Book 4 in the mind-bending Craig McIntyre thriller series.   Hunting can be more dangerous than being hunted. In cities across North America people are dying in seemingly impossible ways. Is history’s most outrageous serial killer on the loose? When LAPD Detective Sarah Tracy is secretly instructed to recruit Craig McIntyre to help her investigate…

Genre: Crime, Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Series: Craig McIntyre conspiracy thrillers | Subjects: Craig McIntyre thriller series, Darkest Thoughts, Deepest Wounds, drugs, Furthest Reaches, Psychological, thriller, US

What’s Truth Got To Do With It? (Naomi Nicholas trilogy, book 1)

Gripping courtroom drama. When an intruder fatally stabs Paul Checkley and inflicts horrific injuries on his wife the police are convinced that Gary Trevors is the culprit even though the evidence is flimsy and circumstantial. Facing a murder charge before a judge who has skeletons of his own rattling in the cupboard, Trevors is defended…

Genre: Crime, Fiction, legal thriller, Librario
Series: Naomi Nicholas trilogy |

Fred The Head

In March 1971 an off-duty special police constable found the macabre remains of a body… The skull, protruding from the ground, revealed the skeleton of a man who had been violently murdered and buried in a shallow grave by the river Trent in Staffordshire. The naked body, except for a pair of pink socks and…

Genre: Crime, Librario, Non-fiction, True Crime
Subjects: crime, detective, Fred The Head, mystery, River Trent, Staffordshire, true crime, unsolved

In Death We Trust (Naomi Nicholas trilogy, book 3)

A pulsating legal thriller. The courtroom as it really is. David Crigman’s third novel in the trilogy finds the beautiful Naomi Nicholas QC appearing with her adversary, the imposing, bullying and brilliant Ronan Cadogan QC who will use every to win his case. When the headless and mutilated body of Ray Millard, a ruthless and…

Genre: Crime, Fiction, legal thriller, Librario
Series: Naomi Nicholas trilogy |

No Lying Quiet

The year is 2000 and aunt Lily’s death is more than an occasion for family sorrow. Lily’s wartime past conceals a tale of violence and deception which becomes all the more threatening with her passing. As Jim Riach, her nephew, uncovers the clues to her life he is  confronted, by Guthrie, the malevolent Glasgow underworld…

Genre: Crime, Fiction, Historical, Librario
Subjects: crime, Inverness, Nova Scotia, Scotland, Underworld

McBurnie’s Awakening

When DI Jimmy McBurnie is knocked back for promotion he is sure he is being ‘black balled’ for denying he witnessed his DCI assault an inexperienced senior officer. He can only take his mind off what he sees as injustice by becoming even more obsessed with his work. Utilising his stable of touts – the…

Genre: Crime, Detective, Fiction, Olida, Tartan noir
Series: DI Jimmy McBurnie novels | Subjects: Policing, Scotland

The Cat Kin

View the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8HT5gBVgdM&feature=youtu.be Everyone who came to the strange gym class was looking for something else. What they found was the mysterious Mrs Powell and Pashki, a lost art from an age when cats were worshipped as gods. Ben and Tiffany wonder: who is their eccentric old teacher? What does she really want with…

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animals, Crime, Danger, Fiction, Strident, Thriller
Series: Cat Kin Trilogy | Subjects: Animal rights, crime, Investigating


Debut crime fiction from one of the BBC’s best-known voices. From Ireland to Scotland. From life to death. Oonagh O’Neil has a challenge on her hands – and her head over a toilet bowl. TV journalist and media darling Oonagh O’Neil faces danger and chaos when an elderly priest dies on the altar of his…

Genre: Crime, Fiction, Sociological, Strident
Subjects: crime, Glasgow, journalism, Magdalene Institution, religion, Scotland, TV


Catalyst Book Award winnerWatch: Trailer for the novels of Linda Strachan WINNER OF THE 2010 CATALYST BOOK AWARD. Spider is on his last warning. If he’s caught joyriding again he’ll be sent down, no questions asked. He’s trying to stick to the straight and narrow but his girlfriend Deanna and mate Andy reckon he should risk one…

Genre: Coming of Age, Crime, Danger, Fiction, Strident, Teen
Series: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions | Subjects: cars, crime, Family, Loss, teenagers

Endless Empress: A Mass Murderer’s Guide to Dictatorship in the Fictional Nation of Enkadar

New from Supreme Master of Weirdness Kirkland Ciccone (not to mention 2014 Catalyst Book Award WINNER)… Over one thousand teenagers entered the school hall at nine o’clock. But someone didn’t stick around for long… Enkadar is a country without war, violence, disease and poverty. It is paradise. There is only one problem with the glorious nation…

Genre: Crime, Fiction, Murky, Satire, Strident, Young Adult
Series: The Castlecrankie Chronicles |

Don’t Judge Me

The incendiary new novel from award-winning Linda Strachan. We all make snap judgements, about our friends, people we meet and other people’s motives. But what if we’re wrong? What if a life depends on getting it right? Take 4 teens, an arsonist, an unreliable witness and four different motives. With life and death on the…

Genre: Coming of Age, Crime, Danger, Fiction, Strident
Series: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions | Subjects: Arson, crime, Investigating, Vulnerability

Dead Boy Talking

Josh has 25 minutes left to live. Yesterday he stabbed his best mate and now it’s happened to him. Lying alone in a pool of blood Josh hasn’t much time to think, but there are things he can’t get out of his head. Where is his girlfriend, Skye? What happened to his missing brother? And…

Genre: Coming of Age, Crime, Danger, Fiction, Strident
Series: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions | Subjects: crime, Investigating, Knife crime

Cat’s Cradle

Pashki, the art of moving like a cat, has survived for more than two thousand years. So has something else. Ben has a problem. After years of separation, his mum and dad are back together, and he doesn’t want to miss a moment of it. The trouble is, Tiffany is now a girl with a…

Genre: Adventure, Animals, Coming of Age, Crime, Danger, Fiction, Strident, Thriller
Series: Cat Kin Trilogy | Subjects: Animal rights, cats, crime

Bad Faith

Life’s easy for Cassandra. The privileged daughter of a rector, she’s been protected from the extremist gangs who enforce the One Church’s will. Her boyfriend Ming is a bad influence, of course, with infidel parents who are constantly in trouble with the religious authorities. But Cass has no intention of letting their different backgrounds drive…

Genre: Action, Coming of Age, Crime, Dystopia, Existential, Fiction, Satire, Strident, Thriller
Subjects: crime, Meaning of life