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When Kath Anderson, a Scot, moved to Boston to study, she came across free-fitness movement November Project™. It started in Boston, USA as a way of some friends keeping fit during the winter months. Soon it spread, and now it can be found in cities throughout America. More recently, it’s reached Europe.

Kath went along to her first session with no idea what to expect and some healthy scepticism. One hour later she knew her life had been changed.

In Sweaty Hugs: How Free Fitness Is Changing Lives, Kath documents her experience with humour and insight, using November Project™ as a case study that helps explain why free fitness is having a worldwide impact.

If fitness is something that interests you – whether personally or professionally (hello sports scientists, gym instructors and PE teachers), this book is for you. It’s available from all the usual outlets, including If you’re in the book trade, our distributors, BookSource, are the folks to order from.

We’re delighted to be working alongside fellow publisher Sweaty Hugs on this one. It feels very much in the free fitness spirit!

Watch out for extensive media coverage.


Sweaty Hugs: How Free Fitness Is Changing Lives

by Kathleen Anderson

RRP: £8.99

Published by Sweaty Hugs

ISBN: 9781910829219

Distributor: BookSource