Danny Lansing, that is. For his 3rd adrenaline-fuelled adventure, The Curse of Can-Balam. Although it’s a wonder he’s still with us given given the extremes of jeopardy he experienced in The Sons of Rissouli and Red, White and Black.

The new book will be available from 31 October. Yes, Halloween. Well, it had to be that date given the cover!

Curse cover

This time the dangers are hidden in the jungles of Belize. And that means author (and action-man) Matt Cartney has been globe-trotting again, visiting those South American jungles for himself, just as he visits all the main settings for his books. (It shows; you’ll feel as if you‘re in South America too.)

Matt’s book was partly inspired by the sort of hideous Mayan skull that would win you a prize at a Halloween fancy-dress party, or that would scare the living daylights out of your neighbours if you wore it to go guising (or trick-or-treating as you may know it.) Not that you’d want to wear it – it’s an actual dead person’s skull! And there’s a rather gruesome story behind it, as you’ll discover if you read the book…