We’re absolutely delighted that Gordon Brown‘s conspiracy thriller Darkest Thoughts – book 1 in the Craig McIntyre series – has been hailed by The Reading Agency as one of its Books Of The Year for 2017. Brilliant novel, brilliant author; the perfect combo.

It’s up there with the likes of novels by Robert Harris and Ali Smith. And with good reason.

Darkest Thoughts explores what we’re capable of…and what others may be capable of making us capable of.

Much as its a voyage of self-discovery for central character Craig McIntyre, it’s a voyage for us all. Because, when it comes down to it, we’re all human.

Darkest Thoughts is only the start of the voyage for Craig McIntyre. It’s followed by Furthest Reaches¬†(out now) and Deepest Wounds (Feb 2018).

The series is available in all the usual outlets, including via MyBookSource. For the book trade, BookSource distribute all our titles.