An Upland Place full coverMore of Elizabeth Macpherson’s writing, taken from the 1960s, is remembered in this second book following Leaning On A Gate, which recorded life on a small upland farm during the 1940s and 50s.

Elizabeth took to writing after the death of her husband Ian in 1944 and her weekly column became a favourite in The Glasgow Herald and The Bulletin and The Scots Pictorial. This selection of articles describes the changing patterns of a rural life following the post war years and the arduous life of a farmer through the seasons.

Mechanization was still to became a reality and hard labour was the way to get things done. The author’s observation and love of her animals and wildlife on the farm gives us a rare insight, too often missed from the comfort of a modern tractor or tour of the countryside.

Illustrated by the author’s grand-daughter, An Upland Place promises to give its readers another opportunity to enjoy the work of this masterful Scottish writer.

Genre: History, Journalism, Librario, Non-fiction, Scotland
Subjects: farming, Highlands, Scotland
Illustrated by Joanne Yeadon