tudor Johnny rear coverBy the author of The Life & Works of Archibald Simpson.

John Smith – ‘Tudor Johnny’ – was born in 1781 to a master builder and architect in Aberdeen, the City over which he was to have a profound influence during his long career. Following in his father’s footsteps John entered the family business where he studied at first hand the wright’s and mason’s skills. After a period of training in London the young Smith returned to Aberdeen, a city in the throes of trebling in size. Smith’s work can be seen today as some of the most important and memorable buildings in the city and his commissions extend throughout the North East.

Smith’s reputation has, until now, been somewhat overshadowed by the works of his contemporary Archibald Simpson with whom he shared a friendly rivalry and often collaborated. In this book the David Miller examines the complete works of John Smith and rightly places his output high up in the history of architecture.

David Miller, himself an architect, lives in Aberdeen and has been closely associated with the buildings of the City. This definitive account follows and acclaimed history The Life and Works of Archibald Simpson.

Genre: Architecture, Librario, Non-fiction, Scotland, Scottish history
Subjects: Aberdeen, Archibald Simpson, Architecture, Scottish history, Tudor Johnny