Three Island Lives rear coverThe life story of Christine, Mary and Theresa Campbell – triplets born in 1952 to a crofting family in South Uist. They were the first identical triplets to be born on the Islands for over 60 years.

Three of fourteen children born to Catherine and Angus Campbell, they grew up in a typical four-roomed croft without electricity or running water.

Their young lives were full of uncertainty. At the age of two they were taken to Inverness – to a home run by nuns – and did not see their mother for two years.

They returned, but at fifteen left again, this time to work on the mainland.

In later life the island of their birth drew all three back.

Three Island Lives provides a remarkable insight into their lives, but also into South Uist and the Outer Hebrides more generally.

ISBN: 9781909238084

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Genre: Biography, Librario, Non-fiction, Scotland
Subjects: crofting, Hebrides, South Uist, triplets