Plundered Forests rear coverJohn Blower’s fourth book of his autobiography describes his time spent in the 1970s in South-East Asia working on a UN funded project to save the endangered forests and wildlife.

The Indonesian Archipelago, the World’s largest group of islands, was subject to a political change which as history has shown drastically affected the survival of some of the world’s most important rain forests and wildlife. In this powerful account, the author highlights the corruption, the money-driven bureaucracy and “the cynical ruthlessness with which the forests were being exploited and the total disregard of environmental considerations” with which he and his team had to contend. In spite of these difficulties they were successful in setting up a number of National Parks which are still in existence today.

After seven years the author moved to Burma to find a very similar situation. The army was in control displaying all the corruption and unprincipled government for which it has become infamous. South East Asia has many rich and diverse cultures which the author vividly describes and he recounts his meetings with many “of the nicest and most hospitable people, both native and visitors, who spend their lives improving the breeding conditions for the numerous endangered species.”

The Plundered Forests is a book for everyone interested in conservation by not only pointing out the greed and incompetence of governments, politicians and others, but also the dedication of those who seek to redress the balance.

Genre: Conservation, Ecology, Librario, Non-fiction, Politics
Subjects: Asia, Burma, forest, Indonesia, trees, United Nations, wildlife