Lucky Pellet interior image with borderExcitement. Reading. Counting.


Tiffy and Toffy are brother and sister mice. Every day is an adventure for them.

Winter is approaching and Tiffy and Toffy’s cupboards are bare.

Bertha Barn Owl lies between Tiffy and Toffy and the farmer’s barn, where Tiffy and Toffy think food may be stored.

Is a raid on the barn worth the risk? How will Tiffy and Toffy avoid Bertha?

And if they do make it to the barn, how much food should Tiffy and Toffy take?

Two hungry mice are about to have one of the most exciting nights of their lives.


Have extra fun finding hidden pieces of corn in the pictures!



ISBN: 978-1-910829-13-4

RRP £5.99, paperback picture book

Fiction, ages 4-7

BIC: YBCH, YFP, YFC    Qualifier: 5AD

Genre: Adventure, Animals, classic children's, counting, Educational, Fiction, Morality tales, Nature, Picture book, Strident
Series: Tiffy & Toffy | Subjects: adventure, animals, brambles, children's books, countryside, nature, owl, Paul Murdoch, Tiffy & Toffy, worms
Illustrated by Scott Wallace