Tales of a Free Spirit is a collection of ten stories about Geordie Kinloch, a fictional character based on observations of people and incidents in the author’s life.

We first meet Geordie when he arrives at boarding school in Edinburgh and follow him through his teenage years, first loves and travels in Europe and America. In Cannes he joins a group of hippies before the lovely Benedicte alters his life.

Several romantic attachments later we find our hero selling ice creams in the US from and old Dodge truck – until this is summarily ended at knife point.

Maturity comes to Geordie and he joins the TA if only to learn about weapons, the better to start a revolution.

Now married he gets caught up in British independent education, which fortunately does no lasting damage.

We leave Geordie being forced to destroy his crop of cannabis since word has got out and everyone is helping themselves…

Genre: Fiction, Librario
Series: Geordie Kinloch |