Small Sparks rear coverTwo miscarriages found Lysanne Sizoo caught in a no-woman’s land where she felt neither the career woman, nor the mother-to-be. At first she was determined to solve her own problems until finally she found and accepted help from a local miscarriage support group.

There was joy in meeting other women who were experiencing the same feelings of loss, failure, and even hate, and in discovering that here feelings were a normal part of the grieving process. With the realisation that she was not alone came acceptance marking the start of a healing process.

No two women experience miscarriage in the same way but Small Sparks of Life faces the issue in a sympathetic way, not without humility and humour. It will help others to find the courage to face their sadness, and to go on and try again – to reach the climactic joy of birth, which Lysanne so beautifully describes.

You can find out more about Lysanne here. Poetry, articles…even a musical!

Genre: Librario, Non-fiction, Parenthood, Pregnancy
Subjects: Birth, Grief, Loss, Miscarriage