Fond memories of a bygone age, from being force-fed cod-liver oil, to putting letters to Santa up the Chimney! Fun and nostalgic reading for a wide variety of ages. The ideal gift for any occasion!

What people have said about Do You Remember?

‘…full of memories for me and I find it so interesting. Congratulations, and Dee Ibreck’s illustrations are excellent.’ B.L.

‘During Christmas, I had the privilege of reading your book Do You Remember? What memories have been stirred, and what laughter it has caused. May the book have a wide circulation and give such pleasures to many.’ A.K.

‘I took the book Do You Remember? away to read and what a delight it was; even the Trade Names were so evocative.’ L.O

Genre: Librario, Non-fiction, Nostalgia
Subjects: Memory