Of Plots & Passions rear coverThe past one thousand years of British history have been fraught with plots, passions and conspiracies. Many of them have been against the monarchy, including at least three murderous plots against Anglo-Saxon kings who reigned before 1066. 34 years later, the Conqueror’s son William Rufus, died while hunting in the New Forest. Was it a genuine hunting accident?

How did Lady Jane Grey become Queen, and why for only nine days?

At least two plots were aimed at Henry VII, four against Elizabeth I and more than three against James I including the infamous Gunpowder Plot.

Many of these conspiracies we recognise as milestones in history, but few of us remember the background and personalities involved. Who were they? How did they fail and what happened to them as a result? Sometimes the solutions are quite surprising.

David L Young, a lecturer in English and history, looks at over twenty plots and studies how these conspiracies were hatched and usually failed. His explanations, set in a conversational style, add greatly to our knowledge of these intriguing pages in our history.

Genre: British history, History, Librario, Medieval history, Non-fiction
Subjects: Anglo-Saxon, British history, conspiracy, Elizabeth I, Gunpowder plot, Henry VII, James I, Lady Jane Grey, William Rufus