Aliens. Abductions. Genuine designer bags.

Teenager Porter Minter arrives in Castlecrankie in a car that has no door handles. In the boot is a suitcase. In the suitcase is a boy. In the boy is the future and the past.

The Armpit of the Universe wasn’t Porter’s destination of choice, he’s been dragged there. And he’s shocked by what he finds. Teenagers are disappearing. JFK is skulking in the schoolyard. Crop circles are appearing.

Perhaps Porter and his scheming parents aren’t the town’s only new arrivals.

Armed only with a genuine designer bag and his razor-sharp wit, Porter sets out to confront evil…and look fabulous.

Pub date: 29 October 2015
RRP: £7.99
Format: B- format pb
Extent: 208pp
Rights available: North American, Translation

BIC code: YFCF  Qualifier: 5AQ/5AX

Genre: Coming of Age, Fiction, Murky, Mystery, SciFi, Strident, Weirdness, Young Adult
Series: The Castlecrankie Chronicles | Subjects: Acceptance, aliens, Diversity, JFK