In his innovative book, Paul Carpenter opens up to us six very different walking experiences. From the beautiful glens of Scotland’s historic mountains, scenes of many a battle, to the wild scenery of the Adirondacks and Norway Paul finds much to interest the walker. No journey is complete without meeting the locals and learning the many fascinating legends in which every country is steeped and his travels to the rugged and challenging terrain of New Zealand and Australia are especially interesting.

Paul Carpenter proves that it is now possible for us to travel to almost anywhere in the world easily and cheaply which opens the door to those remote regions which hitherto have been the preserve of explorers and missionaries. All his expeditions are possible for the reasonably fit and the practical kit list is a useful reference, put together in the light of experience. The map list for each country is indispensable.

This book is a true antidote to boredom. Let it revitalise you. Who knows, it may tempt you out of your armchair!

Genre: Librario, Non-fiction, Outdoors, Scotland, Travel
Subjects: Adirondacks, Australia, legend, moutaineering, New Zealand, Norway