The last of Africa’s great lakes to be mapped and the least known, Lake Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolph) is also the world’s wildest inland water. For reasons not yet understood, its southern half is lashed by gale-force winds on more days of the year than not. Remote and largely inaccessible, it presents challenges that the world’s yachtsmen have yet to discover and face. Renowned for the combination of steep waves with a very short frequency, the lake is all the more dangerous because its violent winds blow under a blazing sun that normally indicates fine weather, and are not associated with the dark clouds, gloom and cold that usually accompanies storms.

Believing that retirement is the time of life for doing things they never had time to do before, and not taking themselves too seriously, Ian and Chris Parker tried to be the first two to circumnavigate Lake Turkana under sail. That they had to learn to sail while doing this, is neither here nor there.

This book tells their tale which involved twenty-two days in an open boat – in both sunshine and ( unexpected ) rain. As well as their adventures, Ian describes the people they met and their observations on the lake’s natural history.

Genre: Africa, Librario, Non-fiction, Sailing, Travel
Subjects: Lake Rudolph, Lake Turkana, yacht