Fred The Head rear coverIn March 1971 an off-duty special police constable found the macabre remains of a body…

The skull, protruding from the ground, revealed the skeleton of a man who had been violently murdered and buried in a shallow grave by the river Trent in Staffordshire. The naked body, except for a pair of pink socks and a wedding ring, yielded little evidence and to this day has resisted all police efforts and appeals to the public to identify him. It remains an unsolved murder of an unknown man who, for want of a better name, is called Fred the Head.

Michael Posner has been a court reporter for over 40 years and is well qualified to tell the story. Using police sources and pictures, he relates what is known about Fred, as well as other incidents of murders that have never been resolved. (Perhaps you’ll have your own theories by the time you reach the last page.)

Genre: Crime, Librario, Non-fiction, True Crime
Subjects: crime, detective, Fred The Head, mystery, River Trent, Staffordshire, true crime, unsolved