New from Supreme Master of Weirdness Kirkland Ciccone (not to mention 2014 Catalyst Book Award WINNER)…

Over one thousand teenagers entered the school hall at nine o’clock.

But someone didn’t stick around for long…

Enkadar is a country without war, violence, disease and poverty.

It is paradise.

There is only one problem with the glorious nation of Enkadar:

It doesn’t exist.

When a group of teenage misfits create a daydream kingdom to escape their humdrum lives, they accidentally set in motion a chain of events which leads to lunacy and murder.

A reporter plots revenge in a grubby cafe.   A crazy teenager is being pressured to slay a monster.  The world’s worst poet writes the world’s worst poem.  A nurse stuffs her pocket full of potatoes.  Dragons wait at the edge of time, while a unicorn waits by the bingo.  And why is the bus always in the wrong lane?

These strange events are all linked to the mysterious ruler of Enkadar.

She is a genius, a goddess, a queen…and a murderer.

She is The Endless Empress.

And she is FOREVER.


Publication date: 30 October 2014

RRP: £7.99

Rights available: Translation; English excluding UK

Genre: Crime, Fiction, Murky, Satire, Strident, Young Adult
Series: The Castlecrankie Chronicles |