Creswell cover rearFor the first time well known Scottish cartoonist, Creswell, has published a book of her best-selling cartoons.

Today, many a Creswell cartoon hangs in the smallest room and elsewhere. Her depiction of Scottish country life not only captures the stereotypical view of Highlanders at home and at play, but always there is more than a grain of truth behind the characters and their situations.

Creswell started drawing cartoons from an early age and she remembers her initial efforts brought down the wrath of her teachers, ostensibly for wasting paper during wartime. Courses in Wimbledon and Liverpool art schools did little to blunt her enthusiasm for the medium but it was not until she won a competition in the Scottish Field that she came to the notice of The Herald newspaper who gave her a slot in the Saturday edition.

Genre: Cartoon, Librario, Scotland
Subjects: country life, countryside, Creswell, Highlanders, Scottish Field, The Herald