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Read: CONJURING THE INFINITE by Kirkland Ciccone chapter 1

or CONJURING THE INFINITE by Kirkland Ciccone chapter 1

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Madness. Magick. Murder

The Cottage is a care unit in the country for troubled teenagers who have been chewed up by the system.  Its residents are all in mourning for their most popular resident – the dazzling and outwardly faultless Seth Kevorkian was shot at close range, though the weapon was never recovered.

After the funeral, his former housemates return home, remember him and, when Mother leaves, begin to discover the truth.

For Seth was no ordinary teenager.  He was a disciple of an ethereal power.  And Seth’s fixation with ‘conjuring the infinite’ drove him to terrible acts against those closest to him.  Did that drive someone to kill him?

The Cottage’s psychic consultant is seeing visions of Armageddon.  The Abomination upstairs wants to be fed.  The rain seethes with life.  And something moves in the shadows, hiding in the mirrors.  Can the housemates trust what they see?  Can they even trust each other?

But what has now been set in motion cannot be prevented.  The eyes of the sky have opened and looked into Seth’s soul.  The unearthly power of The Infinite has been invoked.  And the Ambassadors are on their way.

Pub date: June 2013 
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-905537-07-5, RRP: £7.99, 256pp
Ebook: ISBN 978-1-905537-64-8
Ages: YA/ adult
Rights available: English, excl UK; translation

Genre: Fiction, Murky, Mystery, Quirky, Strident, Weirdness, Young Adult
Series: The Castlecrankie Chronicles | Subjects: crime, cult