Life & death, love & loss, hope & despair, belief & disbelief. A novel about a lot. Our lot.

Magic is more than a word – something Matthew Ellis discovered when he was 12.

It was the year he crossed an ocean.

His mother told him it was for the best. He saw it as an escape from hurt. He also had a bone to pick with God.

Many years later Matthew returns to Scotland. He will fly back to America before the day is over. He has come in search of something, though he is unsure what.

As he visits the neighbourhood of his Glasgow childhood, ferried by an unusual taxi driver, he recalls seeing Calvary and torching a dragon ship. Then there was the funeral and those strange lights. They were only the beginning; he has been carrying even more unbelievable secrets ever since.

Now that he has brought those secrets home, what sort of welcome will they receive? And will he find whatever it is that he is looking for?

This story transcends genres with an extraordinary mix of magic and gritty reality as it explores love and loss, friendship and family, sacrifice and innocence, miracles and wishes, and so much more.


‘Fine writing that rivals Ray Bradbury at his very best!!!’ Donn ‘Doc’ Albright – Ray Bradbury’s close friend

336 pages

Hardback, RRP £12.99, ISBN 9781910829196

Paperback, RRP £8.99, ISBN 9781910829226

Ebook, ISBN 9781910829363 (Kindle edition, £3.99, here)

Genre: Fiction
Subjects: belief, death, disbelief, faith, life, Loss, love, magic, Scotland