Life & death, love & loss, hope & despair, belief & disbelief. A novel about a lot. Our lot.

Magic is more than a word – something I discovered when I was 12.

It was the year I crossed an ocean.

My mother told me it was for the best. I saw it as an escape.

I discovered that true friendship is true love. Though at first I didn’t believe it.


Matthew Ellis touches down in Scotland with a muddle of memories. He’s flown in from America to visit the neighbourhood of his childhood. He’ll fly out again before the day is done.

So much happened during his twelve years in Glasgow. Seeing Calvary. The Viking ship. Those lights.

What followed has for years been Matthew’s glorious, unbelievable secret. But it can only be a secret if it actually happened.


‘Fine writing that rivals Ray Bradbury at his very best!!!’ Donn ‘Doc’ Albright – Ray Bradbury’s close friend

ISBN 9781910829196

336 pages

Genre: Fiction
Subjects: belief, death, disbelief, life, Loss, love, magic, Scotland