Following the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya, a State of Emergency was
declared in September 1953. Twelve hundred police officers, mainly
from Britain, were appointed on two-year contracts as assistant
inspectors then inspectors in an effort to bring stability to the colony.

The Security Forces were portrayed in an unfavourable light in
Britain, this fascinating book is an attempt by one ‘Two-Year Wonder’
to redress the balance. Cliff Faulkner tells it ‘as it was’ with vivid
descriptions of arson attempts, life-threatening ambushes and above
all, the appalling atrocities committed by the Mau Mau. His candid
and self-deprecating account lays bare the human side of suffering
and hardship faced by both African and White Settlers. Through his
own experiences he helps us understand the complicated political
and legal processes of the time.

It is a compelling story portraying the background to the highly
charged atmosphere of a country in the grip of a terrifying Emergency.
Illustrated with the author’s own photographs, A Two-Year Wonder is
a valuable social and political commentary on an important period of
African and Colonial history.

Genre: African history, Librario, Modern History, Non-fiction, World history
Subjects: Africa, British colonies, Kenya, Mau Mau