Theresa Talbot

Theresa Talbot – photo: Bob McDevitt Photography

Theresa Talbot is a BBC presenter best known as the voice of Traffic and Travel and as the presenter of The Beechgrove Potting Shed.

Theresa Talbot – photo: Bob McDevitt Photography

Prior to working with the BBC she was with Radio Clyde and before that was part of the AA Roadwatch team. Theresa worked in various roles before entering the media – as an assistant in children’s homes, a Pepsi Challenge girl and a library assistant. She ended up at the BBC because of an eavesdropped conversation on a no.66 bus in Glasgow. Her passions include rescuing chickens, gardening, music and keep-fit.

Her humorous and poignant memoir, This Is What I Look Like, was published in Nov 2014 and her début sociological crime novel, Penance, in Nov 2015.

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