Born in Helensburgh, Scotland, Sam grew up beside Loch Lomond, on the edge of the Scottish Highlands, where he still lives, now with his wife and four children. He studied Zoology at Glasgow University and worked on wildlife reserves for a while before moving into sales and marketing in the Agriculture sector.

Sam’s creative career began with songwriting – he is a rock guitarist and over the years has played in the UK, Holland and America. He’s subsequently turned his talents to poetry, short stories and novels.

If you think he looks very similar to Talisman/Citadel author Paul Murdoch, there’s a good reason for that. Sam Wilding is the pen name Paul used when writing Windscape.


Windscape is an eco thriller that explores the passions on both sides of the wind farm debate. Young Jenny MacLeod’s father is about to lose the family farm because of mounting debts. The only way for her and her father to keep their beautiful Hushwish Bay island home is to sign up to a wind turbine…

Genre: Adventure, Coming of Age, Danger, Eco, Fiction, Mystery, Strident, Thriller
Subjects: Acceptance, Diversity, Eco, Journey, self-awareness