Kirkland EIBF 2015 2Kirkland Ciccone is an author and performer. His debut novel, the mysterious Conjuring The Infinite, won the 2014 Catalyst Book Award. It was followed by Endless Empress: A Mass Murderer’s Guide to Dictatorship in the Fictional Nation of Enkadar, published to further rave reviews. His most recent title is North of Porter, which provides another helping of glorious oddness.

Kirkland has gained a reputation as one of the most engaging and entertaining YA authors around. He performs at lots of festivals, schools and libraries. He’s also to be spotted nipping in and out of TV and radio studios across the land.Kirkland EIBF 2015 4

When not writing novels, Kirkland performs wonky one man shows. His gigs have included A Secret History of Cumbernauld, The Dead Don’t Sue and The A-Z of Kirkland Ciccone.

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