John-WardJohn Ward was born in Clydebank, raised in Perth, schooled in Dundee and educated in Edinburgh, where he studied philosophy then taught English at the Royal High School. He later moved to Inverness and taught at the College there before becoming a writer. He now lives in Perth once more, with his wife and a Sunbeam bicycle.

His previous novels—The Secret of the Alchemist, The Stone of Sorrow and City of Desolation—have been widely translated.

The Comet’s Child

For as long as anyone can remember there have been rumours about the return of a chosen one. When Fin discovers the prophecies point to him he is scared at first. He resolves to learn the truth about his origins and uncover the secrets surrounding his birth; only then can he embrace his true destiny.…

Genre: Adventure, Coming of Age, Fantasy, Fiction, Srident
Subjects: discovery, Family, Journey