Janne-TellerJanne is a Danish novelist who has lived all over the world, working for the UN before becoming a full-time writer. Since her 1999 debut novel, the highly acclaimed saga Odin’s Island, she has published several best-selling and award-winning novels, and her literature has been translated into more than 13 languages. Nothing has received huge international acclaim and is considered by many to be a modern classic.

Janne is an accomplished speaker on a wide range of subjects, especially around issues of morality. You can see her here talking at an Institute of Arts and Ideas event.

Janne Teller debates at the Institute of Arts & Ideas


“From the moment you are born you start to die.” So says Pierre Anthon when he decides there is no meaning to life, leaves the classroom, climbs a plum tree and stays there. His friends and classmates cannot get him to come down – not even by pelting him with rocks. To prove to him…

Genre: Coming of Age, Existential, Fiction, Modern classic, Strident, Young Adult
Subjects: celebrity, Meaning of life, self-awareness