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Watch: Rebel Angels series trailer – Firebrand, Bloodstone and Wolfsbane

Books For Keeps has described Gillian as ‘an intelligent writer making intelligent demands of her reader, crossing genres with confidence.’

Her stand-alone novels include Bad Faith (Strident), Crossing The Line and The Opposite of Amber (both Bloomsbury), each a thriller of sorts and praiseworthy for its distinctiveness and ambition.

Firebrand was the first book in Gillian’s Rebel Angels series and won great acclaim from readers and critics alike. It was nominated for the David Gemmel Legend Award, while The Times called it ‘the best children’s fantasy of 2010…fantastically violent, utterly thrilling.’

Bloodstone was the equally impressive second book, followed in August 2012 by Wolfsbane. Together they have garnered Gillian an international following.

March 2014 saw the publication of book 4 in the series – Icefall., a real treat for those who have marvelled at books 1-3.

Gillian can also be found moonlighting as Gabriella Poole (the Darke Academy series) and Erin Hunter (the Survivors series).

Home for Gillian is in Morayshire in Scotland.

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