Emma Barnes portraitEmma has written many books for children, among them the 2014 Fantastic Book Awards winner Wolfie, as well as Jessica Haggerthwaite: Witch Dispactcher and How (Not) To Make Bad Children Good.

Her books have been translated into several languages and broadcast on BBC radio. She regularly visits schools, festivals and libraries, sharing her passion for books and reading.

Emma grew up in Edinburgh, studied at Cambridge and now lives in Leeds.

Jessica Haggerthwaite: Witch Dispatcher

Branford Boase shortlistImagine if your mother was a witch! ‘Jessica thought for the thousandth time it was a terrible nuisance having a witch for a mother. Other people’s mothers had sensible hobbies. They did not go around pretending they could charm warts, or offer potions for ingrowing toe-nails. Nor did they dress up in long black…

Genre: Coming of Age, Existential, Fiction, Modern classic, Morality tales, Strident
Subjects: belief, Family, Humour, Science, witches
Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

How (Not) To Make Bad Children Good

Ever since she bit Santa when she was six months old, it’s been downhill all the way for Martha. She is horrible to her baby brother, Boris, elder sister, Sally, and her parents are in despair. Far away from earth, Martha’s behaviour comes to the attention of the Interstellar Agency, whose aim is to make…

Genre: Fiction, Humour, Morality tales, Strident
Subjects: Behaviour, Family, Interstellar