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book_Adult_GillianPhilip_BadFaithWe’ve always loved the cover of this book – have a good look at what’s in the trees and you’ll see why. But what’s inside the cover is what really counts, and it’s one of the best dystopian novels we’ve read.

The comes from the state-backed One Church that dominates politics in the book’s parallel vision of Scotland. The best dystopian set-ups take large chunks or reality and then imagine ‘what if…?’ And that’s exactly what Bad Faith does.

In a sense it’s actually a crime novel. It’s not long before the bishop’s body is found, and that’s when the trouble really starts.

Anyone who thinks the book’s scenario couldn’t come to pass need only look at states such as Russia to see how state and religion can become murkily entwined when one least expects it, even in the so-called developed world.

If you haven’t read this one already, we highly recommend it.