Mondo weirdo YA & loud shirts

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR COMPUTER. It’s only one of Kirkland Ciccone’s shirts. (You may, however, need to wear your sunglasses. Even Kirkland needed to.) Yes, the man who invented the ‘mondo weirdo YA’ genre has been interviewed again. This time by Christina Banach. It’s an insightful and amusing piece. So sit back, learn and laugh.

Paul Murdoch: World Book Day availability

Paul Murdoch is the author of Windscape (9+, written under his Sam Wilding pen-name), Talisman (9+, book 1 in The Peck Chronicles) and the forthcoming Citadel and Tyrant titles (books 2 & 3 in the series). He also writes for adults and younger children. He’s an accomplished presenter who has visited many schools and libraries, deploying an…