Danger, danger, danger!

At a recent event at Waterstones in Glasgow’s Argyle Street, their children’s bookseller Lana noted a resurgence in rip-roaring adventure novels. It seems book-buyers are embracing jeopardy again.

At Strident we like a good dose of danger and get our kicks not on Route 66, but from reading Matt Cartney’s Danny Lansing Adventures series.

Curse coverFew characters take risks like Danny and get away with it. But then few have his (or his uncle’s) resourcefulness. Bear Grylls eat your heart out. (That’s not a survival tip!)

The third and most recent instalment is The Curse of Can-Balam, set in the jungles of South America amid spectacular Mayan ruins.

Are there thrills and spills? Oh yes. Are there some unsavoury villains? You bet. And are there some of the best action and chase scenes you’ll ever read in a book? Well, we wouldn’t mention the books if there weren’t!

The Danny Lansing Adventures: adrenaline at your fingertips.

The full series so far…

9781905537211 9781905537341 Curse cover

Icefall in Bookwitch round-up of 2014

The Bookwitch’s year-end round up has been posted. It’s like an advent calendar without ads…or vents. And – just like those little venty windows – it’s always a joy to open. All the more so (for us anyway) for it making mention of Gillian Philip‘s rather brilliant Icefall.


Icefall coverFor the uninitiated, Icefall is book 4 (the final book) in Gillian’s Rebel Angels series, which began with Firebrand – ‘the best fantasy novel of the year’ (The Times in 2010). It’s writing that will stay with you for a very long time.

As it says on the cover, ‘Forget Game of Thrones. This is better.’

TT is The Sun’s ‘Author of the Week’

The Sun, 14 Dec 2014
The Sun, 14 Dec 2014

As This Is What  I Look Like continues to amuse the nation, Theresa Talbot has been invited by The Sun to choose a few of her own favourite books.

Her own book – the antidote to misery memoirs – is now available in branches of WH Smith throughout Scotland, as well as in Waterstones (where it’s possible there will still be a few signed copies) and various independents.

Kids’ Lit Quiz

Young people know too much these days. That’s what Linda Strachan, Matt Cartney, Cathy MacPhailKirkland Ciccone and Keith Charters found out when they competed in author teams at recent heats of the Kids’ Lit Quiz – the KLQ.

Linda Strachan, award-winning author of Spider, Dead Boy Talking and Don’t Judge Me

There were lots of prizes on the day, but had their been £1 for each time an author said, “How do they know all these things? They weren’t even born when that was published!” the winnings would have be sufficient to keep those authors in coffees/teas for as much as a whole afternoon.

Matt Cartney, author of the Danny Lansing Adventures

Click here to open a new window for the Awfully Big Blog Adventure, where you can read Linda Strachan’s round-up of what the KLQ entails.

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