Kirkland dons the Catalyst crown...

Punk rock, not disco…

…but with a bit of grunge thrown in, because  Conjuring The Infinite and Endless Empress author Kirkland Ciccone appears to have kidnapped the ghost of Kurt Cobain and whisked him off to the yurt at Edinburgh International Book Festival, as you can see in this great new video:

Kirkland is off to collect the Catalyst Award trophy later this week. Whether he’ll be wearing the sunglasses he’s sporting towards the end of the interview…no news on that front yet.

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Kirkland Ciccone’s ‘Teen Titles’ interview

We’re big fans of the Teen Titles review magazine, and they’ve very kindly allowed us to reproduce this hilarious interview with The Supreme Master of Weirdness , a.k.a. Kirkland Ciccone.

Teen Titles Kirkland Ciccone interview

There are so many quotable lines. Our particular favourite involves Tracy Beaker, but then there’s the one about the cow…

There’s also a review (by teenagers, of course) of Kirkland’s award-winning debut, Conjuring The Infinite. They’ve put into words everything we’ve ever loved about this great novel.

You can catch Kirkland (and more weirdness) at the launch of his new novel, Endless Empress: A Mass Murderer’s Guide To Dictatorship in the Fictional Nation of Enkadar, at Waterstones in Argyle Street, Glasgow, on Tuesday 22 October at 6.30pm.

TT featured image

Theresa Talbot booked for Pitlochry Winter Words alongside Kirsty Wark and Lorraine Kelly

This Is What I Look Like author Theresa Talbot – ‘TT’ to BBC Radio Scotland listeners – has been snapped up alongside the likes of Kirsty Wark, James Naughtie and Lorraine Kelly to appear at Pitlochry’s Winter Words festival in February.

TT front cover

To quote the Winter Words website: ‘…we’ll hear tales from Theresa Talbot, direct from the Beechgrove Garden potting shed, and the great Lorraine Kelly will take us on a tour of her Scotland’.

(Theresa hosted The Beechgrove Potting Shed on BBC Radio Scotland…just in case you’re thinking, ‘Hang on, doesn’t she do the Traffic and Travel’. She does that too. And she’s written for the Comedy Unit and worked with Andy Williams and Lulu and interviewed Glen Campbell…)

You can catch Theresa on Saturday 21 February, but note that tickets don’t go on sale until December.

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Hilarious & poignant new memoir by BBC’s Theresa Talbot

From BBC Traffic & Travel to working with Lulu, Andy Williams and Glen Campbell, via The Beechgrove Potting Shed and the Comedy Unit…

TT front cover

This is What I Look Like  by Theresa Talbot is full of joyful and insightful tales from one of Scotland’s best known radio voices. It will be published on 2 November.

“It’s fun being me. Loads of people know what I sound like, but hardly anyone recognises me.”

In this voyage of self-discovery, TT (as she’s known to the likes of Fred McAulay) entertains us with us a life-story many will relate to: trying numerous occupations in the 1980s and 1990s (from bank clerk to Pepsi Challenge girl); recognising the need to self-educate; and eavesdropping on a No.66 bus…and thus ending up at the BBC, Radio Clyde and Q96 via AA Roadwatch. (That happens to everyone…doesn’t it?)

Theresa reveals how she stole (there’s no other word for it) a milk float as a young child, with disastrous consequences. She recalls her trepidation at the prospect of producing Lulu and explains why she talked non-stop to Andy Williams and how she blew a chance to sing with Glen Campbell. Along the way, she gives an insider’s guide to presenting Traffic & Travel and points out the importance of hairdressers to comedy careers. Plus, there’s a hilarious guide to having a stress-free Xmas.

Oh, and in case you are still wondering…this is what she looks like.

Theresa Talbot
And this is what she does look like!
EE draft front cover 672x372

New title from Catalyst winner (and Supreme Master of Weirdness) Kirkland Ciccone

Well, if this doesn’t win the prize for best subtitle, we’ll be ordering some hats. (So we can eat them.)

Endless Empress: A Mass Murderer’s Guide to Dictatorship in the Fictional Nation of Enkadar (you can breathe now) will hit the shelves on 30 Oct.

Kirkland recently described Endless Empress as a book of traps. Which is exactly what it is. Traps, unicorns, dragons, strange buses and a cameo from Elvis Presley… all wrapped in satirical bows.

And any cover that features asteroid-like green potatoes wins our vote!


Click here to find out much more. And we’ll shortly announce details of the launch event at Waterstones’ Argyle Street branch in Glasgow, with a mini tour to follow.

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