Kids’ Lit Quiz

Young people know too much these days. That’s what Linda Strachan, Matt Cartney, Cathy MacPhailKirkland Ciccone and Keith Charters found out when they competed in author teams at recent heats of the Kids’ Lit Quiz – the KLQ.

Linda Strachan, award-winning author of Spider, Dead Boy Talking and Don’t Judge Me

There were lots of prizes on the day, but had their been £1 for each time an author said, “How do they know all these things? They weren’t even born when that was published!” the winnings would have be sufficient to keep those authors in coffees/teas for as much as a whole afternoon.

Matt Cartney, author of the Danny Lansing Adventures

Click here to open a new window for the Awfully Big Blog Adventure, where you can read Linda Strachan’s round-up of what the KLQ entails.

Emma Barnes reveals the inspiration behind award-winner WOLFIE

Emma Barnes 7+ novel Wolfie is a modern children’s classic that won the 2014 Fantastic Book Awards. And, like the ‘dog’ that Lucy thinks she’s getting, it’s isn’t just for Christmas, regardless of the snow on the Emma Chichester Clark cover (and even though the book has a The Snowman-like quality).

We grabbed a couple of minutes with Emma Barnes at Edinburgh International Book Festival and asked her to explain what gave rise to the idea behind it…and to read us a short extract.

cover_7plus_Emma Barnes_Wolfie

Danny’s back!

Danny Lansing, that is. For his 3rd adrenaline-fuelled adventure, The Curse of Can-Balam. Although it’s a wonder he’s still with us given given the extremes of jeopardy he experienced in The Sons of Rissouli and Red, White and Black.

The new book will be available from 31 October. Yes, Halloween. Well, it had to be that date given the cover!

Curse cover

This time the dangers are hidden in the jungles of Belize. And that means author (and action-man) Matt Cartney has been globe-trotting again, visiting those South American jungles for himself, just as he visits all the main settings for his books. (It shows; you’ll feel as if you‘re in South America too.)

Matt’s book was partly inspired by the sort of hideous Mayan skull that would win you a prize at a Halloween fancy-dress party, or that would scare the living daylights out of your neighbours if you wore it to go guising (or trick-or-treating as you may know it.) Not that you’d want to wear it – it’s an actual dead person’s skull! And there’s a rather gruesome story behind it, as you’ll discover if you read the book…




Kirkland dons the Catalyst crown...

Punk rock, not disco…

…but with a bit of grunge thrown in, because  Conjuring The Infinite and Endless Empress author Kirkland Ciccone appears to have kidnapped the ghost of Kurt Cobain and whisked him off to the yurt at Edinburgh International Book Festival, as you can see in this great new video:

Kirkland is off to collect the Catalyst Award trophy later this week. Whether he’ll be wearing the sunglasses he’s sporting towards the end of the interview…no news on that front yet.

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