When Kirkland met Janice

Most ears in Scotland were glued to radios at 1545 today for Kirkland Ciccone‘s spot on BBC Radio Scotland’s Culture Studio programme, hosted by Janice Forsyth.

Okay, that’s not all true. People didn’t actually glue their ears to their radios.

For those in the know, the big question was: would Kurt be with Kirkland? Kurt Cobain, that is. For those not in the know, that might seem unlikely. Either way, listen here (opens BBC iPlayer in a new window) to solve the mystery.

The slot is 10 minutes of hilarity and outrageous Kirklandisms. We think you’ll love it.

Janne Teller’s ‘Nothing’ features on BBC Radio 4

If you caught David Almond’s excellent ‘A World Beyond Alice’ programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday you’ll have heard him talking Janne Teller about her provocative modern classic Nothing.  It’s a remarkable existential novel, with an equally remarkable tale behind its publication.

If you missed the programme, click here to go to it on the BBC Radio iPlayer. (Opens a new window.) Listening will be 30 minutes well spent. Equally, if you want to go straight to the interview with Janne you’ll find it 21 minutes and 57 seconds in.

Nothing by Janne Teller


Theresa Talbot part of Aye Write Festival 2015 star line-up

The downside of being a traffic reporter must be that you lose the ability to use ‘I was delayed in traffic’ as an excuse for turning up late.

But hopefully a short hop to Glasgow’s Mitchell Library from nearby BBC Scotland HQ will be straightforward for Beechgrove Potting Shed host and traffic presenter Theresa Talbot when she appears at the Aye Write book festival in mid April. She’ll be talking about her memoir This Is What I Look Like, but might she also have some exciting news to break to the audience…? We can say no more.

Theresa Talbot
Theresa Talbot


Highlights have just been announced by programme director Bob McDevitt. Other stars include Irvine Welsh, Everything But The Girl singer Tracey Thorn and Alexander McCall Smith. Here’s a link to The Herald‘s coverage of the announcement.

Event dates and times will be revealed in March.

TT front cover

Theresa Talbot or Stephen King: take your pick

Stephen King and TT from BBC Radio Scotland. Eh…what’s the link (we hear you ask)?

This is NOT what Stephen King looks like!
This is NOT what Stephen King looks like! (Photo: Bob McDevitt Photography)

Well, it suddenly occurred to us that Theresa Talbot‘s This Is What I Look Like is to Traffic and Travel presenting what Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is to putting pen to paper: both are entertaining memoirs with practical insights into the jobs of their respective authors.

Whereas this IS Stephen King. (Photo: © Shane Leonard)
THIS is what Stephen King looks like. (Photo: Shane Leonard)

So, if writing is your thing we highly recommend the relevant chapters of Stephen King’s book. You may never use an adverb again!

And if Traffic & Travel presenting (or any other kind of radio/TV presenting for that matter) is your thing, give TT’s book a read. You may never be held up in traffic ever again!?

Okay, maybe not that last bit.

Keeping good (BBC) company

Theresa Talbot, Kirsty Wark, Christopher Brookmyre and James Naughtie. All on the same pavement at the same time, and all in Pitlochry.

Ok, they’re not there in person. Not yet. But they will be soon – Winter Words at Pitlochry Festival Theatre runs 13-21 Feb 2015.

TT on Pitlochry Winter Words poster

Theresa will be main attraction at the Literary Lunch on Saturday 21st February. She’s sparky and knowledgeable and will entertain with some great stories. If you fancy going along, click here to follow the link to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre page for full details, including how to book. (Be quick, she’ll be popular.)

Books with bite